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Top 10 beaches of Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

The first reason to visit this pearl of the Caribbean is the presence of heavenly beaches.

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5 Hidden spots in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

Unknown to most of the visitors who visit the island of Saint Martin, we are going to unveil 5 atypical and unavoidable places.

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Heritage Sites and Museums in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

Called Saint-Martin by French speakers or Sint Maarten by Dutch speakers, the dual nationality of this jewel of Caribbean bears witness to a complex history.

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Philipsburg: an open-air shopping center

For shopping, Philipsburg is the place to be! This great city is the capital of the Dutch side of Saint Martin's island.

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Top 5 free activities in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

Many coves in both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are ideal places to enjoy idyllic beaches, where the air temperature is about the same as the sea temperature. But there are other free activities available to visitors. Here are the Top 5!

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Art in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

Its white sand, turquoise sea, blue sky, and golden sun make the island of St. Martin a paradise. Its landscapes are so idyllic that they seem to have been drawn by a painter at the peak of his art. This enchanting place is the perfect place to inspire many artists.

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