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EUROPCAR Saint-Martin has set up 24/7 assistance to make sure you spend the best carefree holidays on the island!

The vehicles we offer for rent are subjected to our thorough follow-up. All of EUROPCAR Saint-Martin's vehicles are 2020 models and their maintenance log is up to date. Every time a vehicle is returned, our technical teams have an accurate checklist of key elements to review so that its next journey happens in the best conditions and with optimal service quality.

Nonetheless should any annoyance occur with your vehicle in the course of your stay, EUROPCAR Saint-Martin has set up a 24/7 assistance service, which you can call at +590 (0)690 48 55 67. You can also find the assistance phone number on the key fob of your car and on your contract.

According to the evaluation we make remotely on the phone, we will select the best solution so that your waiting time is as short as possible and you can hit the road again in peace and quiet to resume your holiday.

In the vehicle's glove compartment, you will find:
        - A copy of the rented vehicle's registration card,
        - The insurance certificate,
        - An accident report.

In case of an accident, you will have to fill out this report as extensively as possible by adding all the required information. In fact, you may be liable beyond actual damage in case the report is misfiled or does not show sufficient information.

Contact us
Customer service : 05 90 77 67 67
24/7 Assistance : 06 90 48 55 67

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